Hypertension in Kids: Time to take a stand

Hypertension in Kids: Time to take a stand

Hypertension in Kids: Time to take a stand

Who would imagine that hypertension which was always associated with adults and older people has now passed on its adverse effects to kids and young, intelligent teens as well? The reality is that this adult disorder is no longer confined to the older generation, but hypertension in kids is also quite a frequent phenomenon! A study conducted by the Chennai-based epidemiology indicated that at least 5% of the kids suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure. The research conducted in the metros including the capital city, Delhi also revealed similar results where 6% of children and teenagers were found to be shackled by this serious disease and hypertension in kids is slowly becoming a major issue.

The vital question which arises here is: What exactly are the causes of hypertension in kids? The major cause of hypertension in kids is obesity. The children whose parents are either overweight or obese are at a greater risk of acquiring the same condition. Another crucial cause of obesity among children is their changing and unbalanced lifestyle. The kids nowadays prefer spending their maximum time in front of the television, video-games or computers and rarely spare any time for exercise. Even when you consider their diet, they favor junk foods over the nutritious and healthy food. Insufficient physical activity, less salt intake, low fruits and vegetables intake and increased stress also adds on to the causes for hypertension in kids.

It’s imperative for all the parents to keep a proper check on the health of their children and detect any symptoms which indicate the onset of hypertension in kids. But with the ever increasing number of kids suffering from high blood pressure and obesity, the doctors and parents have also awakened to its causes and have consciously started to keep a proper check for Hypertension in kids.

The major signs of high blood pressure include convulsions, respiratory distress, blurred vision, fatigue, headache, lethargy and irritability. A family history of blood pressure, high hip-waist circumference and obesity are often regarded as vital indicators of hypertension in kids.

Starting at age of three, the parents should regularly take their children to a pediatrician for the proper monitoring of their blood pressure. If the kid suffers from any acute illness, the doctor will keep a regular check on the changes in your child’s blood pressure. Periodic check is considered to be sufficient for any child or teen with normal blood pressure. But those teens and kids who suffer from hypertension require more frequent checkups which will help the doctor to discover the ways to stabilize their blood pressure.

If this disease goes untreated, then the hypertension in kids can eventually result in serious damage to eyes, kidneys, heart and brain. On the other hand, an early diagnosis and proper treatment of hypertension in kids can greatly help the child to lead a normal, healthy and active life.

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