Music therapy is the food for soul, play on…

Music therapy is the food for soul, play on…

Music therapy is the food for soul, play on…

The west has woken up now to what Indian had known for eons that music heals, commonly referred to as music therapy. Now is the turn of modern science to acknowledge and embrace the therapeutic benefits of music therapy. Coro Health, LLC, a company based in Texas, US has developed web-based audio products capable of delivering individual music prescriptions, spirituality and other media to residents of long-term care facilities.

“Music Prescriptions” or music therapy yes that’s right. Individual prescriptions are prepared for each person by a team of board-certified music therapy specialists and media and music designers. Every prescription is tailored to meet the individual schedule, needs and preferences. The therapeutic package can even be customized to adapt to group settings to aid cognitive stimulation’s and socialization. An ideal music therapy package includes music, spirituality, education, current events, audio books, and personalized affirmations from local churches and faith groups. Coro’s Music First is an initiative especially designed to improve the quality of life of residents in elder care facilities.

Music therapeutic properties were always known to Indians. It was taken as a kind of yoga system that awakens and develops the human functions. The Ragas of Indian classical music also has been found to be effectively curing a number of diseases and considered as ideal music therapy. Our ancient text always knew that music can successfully replace tranquilizers as it tends to act as a sedative. Music also accelerates the metabolic activities of the human body refreshing the respiration, muscular activities and the internal secretions. Last but not the least music can work wonders on the “Central Nervous System” and the “Circulatory System” of the performer and the listener.

It seems as if the west seems to have suddenly realized music therapy healing benefits going by the number of research going on the subject. Coro Health LLC recently bagged $2million for Series A funding from Bob Martin, former CEO of Walmart International, Kent Lance of KPI Austin, and other angle investors to install its signature product Music First(TM) in Elder Care facilities across US. This is with regard to the clinical trials with the “University of California, Davis Center for Mind and Brain” to observe the effect of music therapy on Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients.

According to Dr. Petr Janata, a cognitive neuroscientist in the Center for Mind and Brain at the University of California, Davis, and member of Coro Health’s Medical Advisory Board, “Our brain research indicates that playing a person familiar music that evokes strong personal memories engages parts of the brain that are important for maintaining a sense of self and experiencing emotions. With its ability to deliver personalized music streams as music therapy, Coro Health’s service is poised to have a significant positive impact on the mental well-being of large numbers of residents in assisted living facilities.”

Coro’s proposed facility is flexible enough to adapt any, and more or less, every need of the residents of the facility. It has the capacity to deliver the contents anywhere in the center, providing equipment to meet all levels of patient needs such as speakers, pillow speakers, headphones and adjustable volume control. The Music First can play music as per requirement to a pre-determined schedule or on as-and-when needed basis for therapeutic purposes. The music therapy content is constantly updated to meet the patient’s needs and continuous updates will be sent to the resident’s therapist to make changes with the changing situations.

The Coro’s brochure lists 8 benefits of music therapy, something that Indians have been aware of all along, namely; reduced medication, lower incidence rates, increased memory recall, more efficient pain management, lesser sleep disorders, improved depression, stronger heart health and better social interaction.

That’s the latest happening on music’s medical front, while the west rediscovers music therapy properties lets just sign off with, if music is the food for soul, play on…….

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