Let your skin radiate this winter!

Let your skin radiate this winter!

Let your skin radiate this winter!

People generally have the misconception that scorching summer is more harmful and damaging for the skin than the winters. But this concept is not quite true! The reality is that, in summer your skin feels alive and radiant. As the winter approaches, the chilly winds make your skin dry and itchy.  The changing weather condition requires you to be well prepared in advance and take proper skin care; otherwise the chilly, cold and dry air can have negative effects on various parts of your body and your face, hands and lips can become crusty, dry and chapped.

It’s imperative to know about your skin and the effects the winter environment can have. This will help you to take proper precautionary measures, get better knowledge about the skin care products and improve the overall health and glow of your skin and body. Here are few tips which will help you to be prepared to enjoy the winter season to the fullest and save your skin texture and glow.

 Drink Plenty of water

Drinking lots of water is vital to keep your skin hydrated. Whenever you are on the move, always carry a bottle of water with you and never let your skin go thirty. Herbal tea and a glass of hot water with lemon are also recommended by many skin experts as vital skin care technique to maintain the freshness and glow of your skin. Also, this will help to detoxify your body and the entire system including the gall bladder and the liver which enables the blood to flow faster, thereby eliminating the toxins which harm the skin.

Apply Sunscreen

Just because the summer has bid a goodbye, this doesn’t mean that its time to get rid of your sunscreen lotions. Windy or chilly weather doesn’t keep the sun or its harmful effects at bay. Therefore, keep using your sunscreen, an ideal skin care product having SPF of 15 or more to get the right protection against both UVA and UVB. Sun can age your skin; so sun protection is a must. You can also opt for the products which combines a moisturizer with sunscreen to avail double benefits of skin care.

Use oil based moisturizer

The most effective winter care tip is to use an oil based moisturizer that can act as a barrier against the environment and its harmful elements. Normal creams and lotion generally make the skin dry and chapped. Always choose the skin care moisturizer which comes in ointment form and contains approximately 80% oil to keep your skin soft and shiny.

Go for oil bath

People often skip bathing during the winters to escape the chills and shivers. But, a sweet almond bath or jojoba oil bath will relax your skin and will do wonders to keep it ever glowing and free from any damage or dryness.

Escape blow drying your hair

Make wavy or tousled hair your style and skin care regime this winter as using blow dryers can make your scalps dry and itchy.


An effective facial and body scrub will help to remove all the dead skin cells and make your skin appear fresh and free from the dead cells. So, make it a routine to scrub your face and body once a week and moisturize your skin thereafter to enhance the effect of skin care.

Enjoy the cold chills without harming your skin or losing its glow!

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