Immediate Baby Help

Immediate Baby Help

Immediate Baby Help

Babies are the cherished cuddles of every home. But since they are too small to express themselves, often understanding their physical problems is difficult and can put any parent in dilemma. Babies have comparatively low immunity and their defense mechanism is not that strong to defend viral and bacterial infections and hence they are more prone to such related disorders. What’s more, the baby’s growth – physical and mental is so fast in the initial few months that it is difficult to bifurcate whether these are the changes owing to growth or due to some problems. Even then there are certain problems which need immediate help. Some of such emergencies are discussed here:


This problem is quite common in infants as they are more prone to intestinal and stomach infections that can lead to dysentery and diarrhea. When the infant suffers from such problems the fluid level in the body comes to ultimate low, causing dehydration problem. In such conditions, the baby looks pale and tired and almost stops performing any regular activities. This is really an emergency and can prove fatal if treatment is delayed.

High fever

Mild fever due to cough and cold is a common problem and certain medications as prescribed by the health practitioners can be given to the baby. But if the fever is beyond 105 degrees F, then the cause is serious and the baby should be treated immediately. Sometimes though, owing to teething problems, the baby can have high fever. In such circumstances also, it is better to get proper doses of fever medicine prescribed by the doctor as mild doses do not work in such conditions and over dose can create problem for the baby.

Too much of sleepiness 

If the regular activities of your baby start becoming less and he/she turns more sleepy or inactive, then it is time to become serious. Usually babies after couple of weeks from their birth start playing and can identify objects and even respond to people by smiling or with baby talks. But if you see your baby lethargic and inactive then you should immediately take her to doctor. It’s indeed an emergency!


If the baby suddenly gets unconscious and does not respond to normal touch and do not show any activity it is time to rush to the hospital.


It’s natural for small infants to vomit out milk in small amount. But if the baby vomits out all the milk several times then it’s really a serious problem. Sometimes, the baby also vomits blood. Such conditions call immediate medical attention and should not be taken lightly.

Choking or breathing problem   

Choking or breathing problem is mostly due to lung and respiratory infection or disorder. Due to this the baby cannot breathe properly and her heart beats are more uneven and rapid than normal. Babies showing any such signs should be immediately taken to the hospital without delay.

Apart from above symptoms if the baby shows certain abnormal physical behavior or cries persistently, then the baby should be taken for check up to the doctor so that it should not lead to more complicated version.

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