What you did not know about Dental Health

What you did not know about Dental Health

What you did not know about Dental Health

There is so much said and written about smiles. What is it that basically makes this smile, dental health, of course!

It is difficult to imagine a million dollar smile with darkened yellow teeth. Nor can it be expected that the smile will increase the face value without adequate dental health.
So dental health becomes a key factor, trust us when we say that this dental health is not impossible to achieve. A little care and attention and you could be the owner of a flashing and healthy set of teeth. A healthy mouth and healthy body go hand in hand.

Let us begin with a few interesting facts on dental health:

  • Guess what is the most common chronic disease affecting mankind? Cancer, Heart Diseases, Diabetes might be your first guess. Wrong, it is actually Dental Decay (Caries) and periodontal (gum) diseases.
  • The higher the income level the individual belongs to, the more are the chances of front tooth loss to occur.
  • Dental Caries and periodontal diseases are in fact caused by bacterial action in the plaque collected on the teeth and gums. Initially cavities are painless, but they open the tooth up to infections, eventually exposure the nerve resulting in pain.

Diet and its effect on dental health

  • Frequent consumption of sugars is very harmful for the teeth. Sugars bathe the teeth in acid which takes approximately twenty minutes to disappear. Taking sugars every two to three hours would mean having the teeth covered in the acids. The presence of acids on the tooth surface is bad for dental health. Dentists recommend sugary snacks once a day that too preferably during meal times.
  • You thought vinegar is a good cleansing agent for teeth, think again, the harm it does has to be seen to be believed. Ditto holds true for all acidic substances like grapefruit, etc.
  • Lozenges, cough syrups and other mixtures also spell danger to the teeth while soothing the throat.

Hygiene and dental health

  • Too much toothpaste on the brush can be bad for the dental health. How you may want to know, well for one the excess tooth paste will soon begin to foam in the mouth making you spit before all the teeth are properly cleaned.
  • You think wetting the brush before applying toothpaste is a good idea, think again. The water in the brush alters the cleaning action of the bristles of the brush

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