Old Age and Related Personality Problems

Old Age and Related Personality Problems

Old Age and Related Personality Problems

Personality problems are as common in old age as in younger years. The difference is, these problems become more pronounced in old age. By the time one reaches old age he/she has seen a lot in life, disease and death of friends, life mates, unhappy moments, stress, etc. It is really a wonder how well people in old age seem to take up all these changes, grief and misery in their stride.

The self displeased old age

This is a category of old age people who are constantly trying to prove that they are not only as good as others but actually better. If they feel they are falling short of proving this to the world in general a feeling of dissatisfaction takes over them. The definite characteristics that seem to dominate this group of old age people are:

  • Severely self-conscious
  • Feel their shortcomings keenly
  • Never admit themselves in the wrong
  • Keep away from any sort of honest competition
  • Chase money, power and fame
  • Always have the last word in any conversation
  • Difficult and often impossible to satisfy
  • Selfish nature
  • Tedious people to live with

The best thing to happen to these people would be if they were taught the importance of love, charity and sharing in their lives. Only with love will their self centeredness will start dissolving and they will start looking at the brighter side of life.

Old age displeasure with others

This is one of the most difficult personality types. These are the loners and sometimes keep themselves so isolated that they seem almost hostile in their approach towards others. The characteristics that mark them are:

  • Feeling of being all alone in the world with no sympathizers
  • Have little feeling or concern for others
  • Have a limited number of friends or acquaintances
  • Have a feeling that the whole world is against them
  • Tend to dominate others
  • Do not trust others or show them respect

This personality type is usually common in thieves, racketeers, and such others in their old age. They need to be taught the significance of trusting others and being trusted by them. It is indeed lonely and difficult for them too, to live life in complete distrust with others.

Displeasure with the world in old age

Some people are just born with hard luck. People with this type of personality in old age belong to this category. The characteristics that define them are:

  • Keep away from taking upon themselves to fulfil any responsibility
  • Avoiding work of any sort
  • Do not take any decisions
  • Resist new ideas or changes of any type.

Alcoholics, ‘keep to themselves types’ are the ones with this type of personality. They need to be explained the satisfaction derived from work well done. They need to recognize that they also possess some talent and can excel in some field. Only then is readjustment and happiness possible with these type of people.

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