Give your child a helping hand during an Epilepsy Attack

Give your child a helping hand during an Epilepsy Attack

Give your child a helping hand during an Epilepsy Attack

Epilepsy, in broader terms can be defined as a series of seizures that are characterised by the abnormal brain functions, presenting in form of erratic behavior, movement and actions.

Here, the level of awareness at times is almost zero and may leave the sufferer lying on ground helpless, asking the near ones to come to rescue and relieve them from the agony. Particularly in children the situation is indeed tricky. Being parent of an epileptic child can be challenging.

The following are a few simple steps that will help every parent combat odds and would enlighten about the techniques to keep the neurological trouble at bay:

  • Recognise potent triggers: Starvation, agitation, scolding and even a trivial game win and loss, extreme happiness or anger, sudden season change, travelling and so on can initiate epilepsy attack. So try to make a list of all and keep them as distant as possible.
  • Try to keep the child away from the potential dangers: As mentioned above, try keeping epilepsy triggers away from the innocent child.
  • Recognise early signs and abort an attack: Often the pre epilepsy signs are catchy and can be easily deciphered. Try taking a note and act accordingly to help the child make a slim escape.
  • Within the epilepsy attack: Stuff a cloth or log so that the child doesn’t bite his / her tongue or roll back to interfere in respiration.
  • Try minimising the activity of the child within the epilepsy attack as the child may get hurt in the struggle. For instance, he/she may land up on a knife within the abnormal phase and later may have to bear the pain.
  • Open windows and let the fresh air in.
  • Give some water and keep the child hydrated.
  • Call up your family doctor: Within the process, ask any other family member to inform the consulting physician.
  • In case you see blueness, respiratory trouble or an extensive epilepsy attack, don’t wait and instead take the child to the emergency.  Or else immediately call an ambulance.
  • Understand: Epilepsy makes thousands of victims worldwide. But being a parent one must understand the handicap and keep the child safe and sound with every step progressing towards a healthier life ahead.
  • Be regular: Time to time keep seeking medical help. The regular medical intervention is just an assurance that the child is alright and doesn’t mean that he / she is suffering. Also, these checkups timely reveal and also give the doctor enough time to act and control any foreseen trouble.
  • Be strong: Handling such situations can be hard; leaving parents in spills of tears but try be strong and act intelligent within the attack rather than feeling helpless and crying all the time. Understand that your child needs genuine help and not just the emotional upsets, so keep that for later.
  • Give a shoulder: Once the child revives, there may be times when he / she may not even remember a thing from the epilepsy attack and give blank looks finding the situation a bit odd. Try support and give an emotional hand.
  • Educate the child of the condition: Keeping him / her away from the domain thinking that the young brain would not be able to take it would be foolish. Explain everything possible to the child as well and tell him / her that you are always there for all the help he / she needs.
  • Be responsible: Never leave the counselling / explanation part to the doctor alone. When young the child is most attached to the parents and a stranger explaining and trying being sweet about a health concern may aggravate. Take a step forward and work in conjunction with the medical expertise to help your child.

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