Walk Away Diabetes

Walk away Diabetes

Walk away Diabetes

Anything said on the benefits of walking will still be less, walking is such a good form of exercise. Walking not only helps rin educing weight, but also cuts down on the risk of Diabetes, according to the latest study that appeared online in the British Medical Journal.

The latest study on Diabetes

A number of studies in the past have enumerated the benefits of walking on the decrease of Body Mass Index and insulin resistance, thus Diabetes. But this first of its kind study focuses on the effects of long term changes in daily step count on insulin sensitivity, the first phase of Diabetes. The research was conducted by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Melbourne, and observed 592 middle aged Australians between 2000 and 2005. While computing the results other factors like lifestyle and diet, alcohol and smoking were also taken into account. An increased daily step count spanning across five years translated into a lower BMI (Body Mass Index), reduced waist to hip ratio and improved insulin sensitivity, thus keeping away Diabetes. The results were basically attributed to a change in the adiposity (fatness) over five years according to the authors. The researchers summarized that a sedentary person with an initial less number of daily steps who slowly improve their daily steps to match the recommended level of 10,000 steps daily by the end of five years, will have three times more insulin sensitivity. This will help them to ward off Diabetes as compared to a person who increases their daily step to the now advised 3,000 steps for five days a week. So , walking is not only beneficial for patients with Diabetes but actually therapeutic too.

Other benefits of Walking for patients with Diabetes

The other benefits accrued to walking for people with Diabetes are:

• Controlled Glucose levels: Walking and other forms of physical exercise speeds up the absorption of blood sugar, thereby preventing it from accumulating in the blood stream. This phenomenon generally lasts only for either a few hours or maximum few days. This is the reason why it is essential to keep walking or exercising regularly for consistent control of level of glucose in the blood for people with Diabetes.

• Improved Cardiovascular Health: People with Diabetes are especially vulnerable to Heart disorders and walking prevents development of these disorders in them.

• Weight Management: Walking works wonders in controlling weight. Maintaining an ideal weight will not only lessen a number of health risks but will also do good to people with Diabetes. Excess weight can worsen the severity of symptoms of Diabetes.

Precautions before setting off to Walk for people with Diabetes

A few precautions are recommended for people with Diabetes before they start on their Walking Expedition, namely

Consulting a physician: People with Diabetes should take advice from their doctor before beginning any physical exercise that will try to increase his/her stamina. The doctor will take into account the patients blood glucose levels, fitness state and other factors before giving the go-ahead.

Caring for the Foot: People with Diabetes need to give special attention to their foot care, as foot numbness is one of the major symptoms of Diabetes that makes blisters, skin injuries of the feet difficult to detect. What is even more bothersome is that these take time to heal and are vulnerable to infection as people with Diabetes have a decreased blood flow in the small blood vessels of the extremities. So people with Diabetes need to take special care of the foot if they decide to embark on walking.

The Right Shoes: It is impossible to start walking without proper walking shoes. Remember walking shoes and running shoes are two different things. Walking shoes are those that have flatter and broader soles to aid balance while walking. The shoes should be a comfortable fit with plenty of room available for your toes. Do not forget socks. Cotton socks tend to wet with moisture, so it is preferable to wear socks of synthetic materials.

Now you are well-equipped and ready to start the walk, Happy walking!

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