Keep off the Harmful Effects of Skin Burn: Try some Home Remedies!

Keep off the harmful effects of Skin Burn Try some home remedies!

Keep off the harmful effects of Skin Burn Try some home remedies!

Skin burn: The name itself triggers emotions like pain, dread and anxiety. Most of us may have experienced skin burn at least once in our lifetime, whether it was a minor or major burn. Sometimes we carelessly run a hot iron over our fingers instead of our dress, or hold too hot frying pan by mistake or pour some hot oil on our hand. These minor mistakes on our part can lead to minor or grievous burn.

So, let’s first get to know what the term “burn” exactly means!

An injury caused by skin’s exposure to excessive heat, radiation, friction, electricity, chemicals or fire is called burn. Depending on the severity of the skin damaged caused, skin burn is divided into First degree, second degree and third degree burns. The top layer of the skin is damaged in the first degree burns and it gets healed in a day or two. Blisters are caused in the second degree burns and they are more severe. They need special attention and care as they are much more painful. In the third degree burns all the layers of the skin are damaged and are very painful.

Whether you get inflicted with first degree, second degree or third degree burn, you need immediate attention.  As the injury penetrates deep into the nerves, they make the skin look charred. If they are not properly taken care of, they can prove to be threatening.

There are times when you or any of your loved ones suffer burns, and in the state of panic, instead of reliving the pain you end up aggravating it.

So, mentioned below are some of the ways through which you can get relief from the burnt pain and lessen its harmful effects.

  • If you have landed up with blisters, there is no need to panic, instead immediately immerse the burnt area in cold water and keep it soaked for at least fifteen minutes and you will feel instant relief. It cools down the skin and also the burning sensation in the affected area is reduced.
  • Do not remove the clothing if a person has been burnt with clothing. Instead, immediately immerse the area in water. It is a sensible idea to place a wet cloth over the burn for a couple of minutes to give an easing effect.
  • Toothpaste works miraculously in calming down burns. It prevents opening of the wound and maturation and provides instant cooling.
  • Apply aloe vera gel from the leaves of the aloe vera plant on the burns. It will cool down the area and prevent blisters and help the area to heal quicker.
  • Rub a raw potato over the burn, but make sure you get a juicy piece of potato.
  • Never apply butter, oil or lotion to burns as they only worsen it by clogging the pores even more.
  • Bandages and dressings should also be avoided as the burns should be left open so that the burn can heal quickly.
  • Honey, yogurt, whole milk and egg white are also some of the home remedies for burns.
  • If the burn is major then rush the patient to the nearby hospital.

Through the above mentioned methods you can keep the disastrous effects of burns to the minimum and help the burnt area heal sooner!

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