Learn the Precautionary Measures of Asthma

Learn the Precautionary Measures of Asthma

Learn the Precautionary Measures of Asthma

Asthma is a common disease, and can trigger off due to any reason. Mostly it aggravates during winters, when the cold breeze hits the lungs and interferes respiration adversely. Although it’s not a deadly disease but for sure is a chronic one that needs regular administration of medication and supervision by a doctor, who particularly specialize in this genre of medicine. But what’s alarming about asthma is that some trivial reason can induce even a well treated asthma to go out of hands. The spark can be many. Strong perfume, allergy to pollen grains or dust, pet animals like dogs or cats etc. is some of the triggers for a sudden attack of asthma. So a patient suffering from asthma should always be ready with a plan before the attack strikes him / her.

Curtail the distressing asthma with the following instructions:

  • Emergency inhaler is like oxygen for an asthmatic patient. Hence, instead of one there should be at least 2 or even more inhalers within the vicinity. Keep one in such a place where you can reach instantly when distressed with attack, like bedside.
  • Always have the information of 24 hour pharmacy located at a nearby place at hand. If one needs a refill, then reaching would be apt and quick for both a refill and further medication. Also, if this pharmacy has nationwide presence, then its all the more better, as the service can be accessed even while travelling. Keep an address book of such pharmacy branches in the pocket.
  • Always schedule appointments way in advance of the winter season and keep up with the follow up regularly. The most right person to advise is a pulmonary specialist who can conduct various tests which many a time reveal signs of upcoming debilitating scenarios, where nothing might be felt by the patient at the moment.
  • If one is using an inhaler more than twice a week, it means that the health isn’t that smooth as desired and definitely it is time to get a thorough check up done.
  • Always complete the dose of medication, even though the symptoms of asthma attack have waned because with the miss out on doses, the asthma is liable to flare up again and the second time around it can be much more difficult to control the provoke.
  • Try to lead a normal life and take proper medications as per all instructions.  Avoid the flavors and smells which are strong and affect more frequently. It’s not possible to detect the exact perfume or reason which triggers off the attack, but some regular observations can make one evaluate certain asthma inducing agents in the surroundings which one must keep far flung.

These are some of the instructions which should be kept in mind with asthma. What’s more, self experience is a good guide and with regular observations, one can find out the various months or days when asthma tends to flares up more frequently. Try to curb down the triggers for its occurrence and do take appropriate precautions to keep well prevented and inaccessible from an unwanted asthma episode. Also increasing immunity by eating nutritious diet is a very good way to combat and cut short the handicap.

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