Tips to Remain “Stroke-Free”

Tips to Remain Stroke-Free

Tips to Remain Stroke-Free

With the cases of Strokes ever increasing and more and more people becoming prone to this condition, the enhanced awareness of this lifestyle disease among the common masses has become quite crucial. When earlier, the aged were found to be more attacked by Stroke, nowadays the incidents of this condition can be vastly seen among the young population too. So, it becomes imperative to have enough knowledge and idea about the causes and prevention measures of Strokes to better diagnose this condition and start the treatment at the earliest.

In literally terms, a Stroke is a “brain attack”. It is basically caused when an artery is blocked by the blood clot or there is interruption in the blood flow to an area of the brain due to breakage of a blood vessel.

Risk factors of Stroke

When we talk about the risk factors of Stroke, health experts reveal that the dangers of having this condition increases with age. People belonging to the age group of 55 years and above definitely have higher risks of suffering a Stroke.

  • The predilection of Stroke is seen majorly among African Americans, Asian, Hispanics etc.
  • Males are more affected than the females.
  • The risk also increases if there is family history of this condition wherein any of the family members had suffered Stroke.
  • If you have had a Stroke earlier, then the likeliness of you experiencing it again increases considerably.
  • One of the major causes of Stroke is hypertension. If the hypertension is not treated adequately, then the risk increases by four to six times.
  • People having Diabetes are more likely to suffer from a Stroke than the normal person not having this condition.

Prevention of Stroke

The prevention of the risk factors of Stroke can make a remarkable difference and highly reduce its risk. Few preventive measures are as follows:

Treating Hypertension: As mentioned earlier, the risk of Stroke increases by 4 to 6 times among the people having high blood pressure. Any elevation in the level of high blood pressure proportionately increases the chances of having a Stroke. Thus, the first and the basic measure in its prevention is to get the right and adequate treatment of high blood pressure.

 Keeping a check on Diabetes: Proper control of diabetes can pave way for the right prevention technique of Stroke. This condition causes the blood vessels to close untimely. When the blood vessels close near the brain, then Strokes may occur.

Quit Smoking: Smoking or the consumption of other tobacco products accounts for a major risk factor of Stroke. The chemicals which when inhaled while smoking blocks the arteries, even the small arteries of the brain and eventually leads to Stroke.

Reduction in Cholesterol levels: The cholesterol levels of our body also play a major role in triggering Stroke. The elevated level of cholesterol can block the blood vessels and initiate the formation of plaque. So, it’s imperative to use adequate medications and eat healthy diet to prevent the symptoms of Stroke.

Also, one of the major and easy ways to prevent Stroke is to leave the sedentary lifestyle and ensure to exercise daily. Including physical activities in your day to day life will eventually reduce the risks of diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol levels and keep your body healthy. Thus, the risks of Stroke will automatically reduce and you can enjoy a Stroke-free and happy life!

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