Offer a helping hand to Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients


Offer a helping hand to Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

Offer a helping hand to Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

Rheumatoid arthritis is a serious disease that attacks the lining of the joints as well as other parts of the body. If you know someone suffering from RA, you obviously would try to offer advice, sympathize or probably want to help. But some sentiments may do more harm than good, so be aware while offering any form of help. Despite all the pain and frustration that crop from living with chronic illness, the people with RA try their best to stay as normal as possible.

But there are a few things that a friend and family can do for these people to ease out their pain or to offer support.

Make a bed or two– When a person is in acute pain, the thought of changing sheets or buttoning cushion covers make them turn cold. So, changing the sheets for them could be a great help which is one of the essential household work.

Prepare a meal– Prepare a nutritious meal and take your friend with RA for dinner. By doing so, he/ she can have an enjoyable and relaxing evening instead of ordering from a hotel or struggling over pots, pans and jars.

Help with the Kids– Its exhausting to take care of children even when one is in perfect health, but this task becomes really challenging for people with RA. So, take their kids for an outing or invite them to your home so that this allows the RA patient to rest properly. Friends could even help them by lifting their children in and out of the car on the way to school.

Slow Down- The nicest thing to do for someone with RA is walk at their pace. Give them a shoulder to lean on when they are unable to walk on their own.

Support their Dietary Choice- Tomatoes and dairy make inflammation worse, so these types of food should be avoided. Hence, family members should stand by them on the food front too.

Help without being asked- Just do it because action speaks louder than words. The patient of RA may refuse if you offer help, so just ask where to start and brighten his/her day.

Learn and Believe- A person with RA may not look sick, but he/she may still be in pain. So try to understand the illness because it will be highly appreciated by them and will prove to be helpful too. Try to research about RA and know what your dear one is going through.

Lend a Hand- Any kind of help with typing and writing could be very useful when someone is having trouble with their hands and fingers. If someone is having difficulty even to lift his/her arms, then offer to dry their hair or break the seal of the bottle.

Provide Warmth– For people with joint pain and stiffness, heating pads and water bottles are life savers. They provide great relief for person having a personalized twist.

Ease into Exercise- Accompany the person to a gentle yoga class so that the mind of the person is changed regarding the disease and yoga can also provide them with some peace.

A small gesture of yours can make a big different in the life of RA patients. So, try your best to help these patients in whatever way you can and ease off their pain!

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