Blood Donation and Healthy Heart: Find the Connection


Blood Donation and Healthy Heart: Find the Connection

Blood Donation and Healthy Heart: Find the Connection

Did you know that Blood donation not only saves other’s lives, but helps you age healthier too? No! Then, let us tell you how.  According to a study in American Journal of Epidemiology and Heart, blood donation reduces the risk of heart diseases.

The study discloses that blood donation promotes generation of new blood cells. This is done through activating the bone marrow, the part responsible for production of red blood cells. Actually blood donation of a pint, i.e. 450 ml is capable of burning 650 calories of a donor’s body.

Though not many studies have been done on the blood donation and the calories burning part yet, it is an undeniable fact that blood thinning smoothen blood flow to all body parts, even the small capillaries.

The journal study further reveals that men are more susceptible than women to heart attacks at relatively younger age. This is due to the fact that higher levels of iron are found in their blood. Women usually loose the iron with their monthly menstruation routines, while this iron gets stored in men’s body.

The iron levels increase only after menopause in women and so does the risk of heart attacks, making Haematologists link the two together. Iron, an important constituent of the red blood cells oxidizes the cholesterol and initiates a process that is not beneficial for the arteries.

Therefore, any rise in the iron in the blood raises the chances of diseases of the heart, liver and the kidney. Hematological studies state that an average man has approximately 1,000 milligrams of body iron, whereas an average woman in a pre-menopausal stage has approximately 300 mgs.

The mantra to be followed by the youth for a healthier old age is taking a balanced diet and going for blood donation once every three months.
Ideally, it is considered fine to opt for blood donation till a person reaches 60 years of age in India. When we consider the abroad locals, there is no upper age limit for blood donation.

Whenever a person comes for blood donation, their blood sugar levels are tested, together with checking the blood for five other diseases like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Malaria, HIV and Syphilis. The BP and body weight of the individual is also recorded. These activities undertaken in a blood donation camp also helps in keeping the person vigilant of all the basic parameters of maintaining the fitness of the body.

So, don’t refrain from blood donation. In fact, go for it and make your life and heart healthy!
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