Untangle Pregnancy and Diabetes to Keep Complications at bay

Untangle Pregnancy and Diabetes to Keep Complications at bay

Untangle Pregnancy and Diabetes to Keep Complications at bay

Pregnancy is never easy! It in fact poses lots of challenges in every stage and for the pregnant lady having type 1 or type 2 diabetes, the huddles considerably increases.

So, how to deal with pregnancy and diabetes simultaneously? If you dream about a perfect family and healthy baby, it becomes imperative to properly manage each stage with the right care and information. Here are a few tips to make your journey of pregnancy convenient and rightly care about your diabetes as well.

Maintain your blood sugar level

If you are planning to extend your family, then you have to seriously think about giving up your bad habits like alcohol or smoking and take prenatal vitamins and lose weight (if you are obese). But, if you are having diabetes, then you need to add one more vital thing to your list, i.e. getting your blood sugar level under control.

In case, your blood sugar is either too low or too high, you need to struggle to get pregnant. Your body will reject the pregnancy and with diabetes you will find yourself unable to get pregnant. So, keep your blood sugar level in check and pave way to a happy pregnancy!

Visit your doctor from time to time 

Pregnancy along with diabetes will definitely increase your visit to the doctor, which may be even more than 3 times the normal visits. You need to consult a doctor having all the expertise and knowledge of diabetes. Also, get your ultrasound done from time to time to avoid any complications during your pregnancy.

Keep a check on morning sickness

If you are on insulin, during pregnancy you need to maintain food in your system to ensure that the insulin actually works. But it becomes an issue during pregnancy as due to nausea you find yourself reluctant to gulp down the food items. You can solve this issue by eating a cracker when you wake up. This will help you to avoid morning sickness and will also initiate the working of the insulin.

Browse for support

During pregnancy you generally turn up to your mother or sister who has undergone the whole process of pregnancy to give advices and tips. But if they do not have diabetes they will not be able to give the right advice. Therefore, an easy way is to take the help of the internet and get connected with the moms having diabetes. They can offer you adequate advice to tackle your pregnancy issues arising specially due to diabetes.

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