Breathe Free! Prevent Lung Infections

Breathe Free! Prevent Lung Infections

Breathe Free! Prevent Lung Infections

The respiratory and cardiovascular system is interrelated with each other and the main organs that perform essential roles in the functioning of these systems are the lungs and the heart respectively. Both the organs work collectively and unceasingly to aid pure oxygenated blood to each and every organ and tissues of our body. Also, these are responsible for purification of the deoxygenated blood and revert it back for circulation.  But sometimes the lungs, which play a vital role, may get infected with various bacterial or viral invasions. It is quite important to have adequate knowledge on these lung infections as some may be fatal as well. So the best way is to prevent the occurrence of such lung infections. Some tips below will help you to protect your lungs from the unwanted diseases and ailments in the long run:

 No smoking

Where do you find the boards of ‘no smoking’ displayed? Almost everywhere in the public places! The reason is obvious. Smoking is not only hazardous for the smokers but even more injurious for the health of people in the surroundings. Smoking is one of the main causes of lung damage and lung infections predisposition and can cause serious problems, like emphysema or chronic bronchitis.  Chronic lung infections have been found to make the patient more vulnerable to other types of lung infections. Smoking not only is the cause of the condition, but it also decreases the chances of recovering from ailments like flu and pneumonia. The more one smokes, the more damage or lung infections it is going to cause.

Maintain a Habit of washing hands regularly

From children to adults, all of us move from one place to another, touch different objects and daily come in contact with millions of germs that can inflict us with lung infections. From hand shaking to touching an object or machines or even the laptops and computers, every area and part we touch are full of all sorts of potent germs. Although not all are seriously disease inducing, but some can really make us fall seriously ill. So as to prevent us from such lung infection causing germs, it is necessary that you should wash hands with soap and warm water thoroughly before putting anything in your mouth. Use of antibacterial hand wash is a wise decision.

Flu and pneumonia vaccines

Flu and pneumonia are the common lung infections. The vaccines for preventing these lung infections are readily available and can be well meet up with your family doctor.  Children and people of 50 and above years of age are more vulnerable to these lung infections. Also, people who were earlier inflicted with chronic lung complications should take a shot of vaccine to prevent recurrence of lung infection. These vaccines are mostly free of any side effects.

Upkeep a Healthy life style

Maintain a healthy way of living. Regular exercise, healthy diet and eating schedule enhances your immunity towards various lung infections and diseases and also help you recover fast from any form of illnesses.  Eating fruit with more vitamin C and abstinence from alcohol and drugs is very essential for a healthy disease free life.

Precaution at the start

If you have cold and cough, start taking precautions so that the problem does not aggravates, also take proper medication and rest. If these small conditions are left unattended, they can soon become chronic and evolve into a lung infection. So, it’s always advisable to nip such problems in the budding stage.

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