Relief from Sprained Ankle

Relief from Sprained Ankle

Relief from Sprained Ankle

Athletes are not the only ones to suffer from sprained ankle, almost any one any where can get a sprained ankle.  Given below are a few precautions and methods that can help you in the speedy recovery of a sprained ankle:

Protection for sprained ankle:

Physicians advise those who know they suffer from a weak ankle, instability or joint laxity to protect them wearing an ankle stabilizing brace. It is essential for these people to save their already vulnerable ankle from re-injury.

Rest as treatment of sprained ankle:

Rest but not completely, remain active to the extent that your injury allows. There is no harm in low impact or no impact cross training to retain aerobic fitness.

Application of Ice as treatment of sprained ankle:

Apply a pack of ice for 15 -20 minutes at the spot of injury. This ice pack applied with the first 24 hours of injury are particularly helpful in alleviating the swelling that might result from the ankle injury, though ice will be ineffective on the already present swelling. Even post 24 hours of the injury, an ice pack can effectively cut down inflammation and pain.

Compression to treat sprained ankle:

This can be in the form of an elastic bandage. Doctors say that it will be better if this elastic compression bandage is used together with a U-shaped padding put exactly below the sprained ankle.  Alternatively you can use a pneumatic ankle brace.

Elevating the foot to treat sprained ankle:

Doctors say it is best to keep the sprained ankle elevated at or a notch above the heart level. It is recommended for the patient not to sit with their legs hanging down on the floor. This can worsen the already sprained ankle.

Rehabilitation of the sprained ankle:

Doctors advise rehabilitating the sprained ankle by following flexibility and strengthening exercises, especially paying attention to balance and agility training.

If a patient with a sprained ankle follows the above mentioned pointers, their condition is definite to improve. If it does not, then it is time for them to consult the physician for customized specific treatment of the sprained ankle.

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