IVF myths and facts

Infertility is a major problem troubling young couples who in spite of trying all medications and methods cannot have their own child. Either of the spouse or sometimes even both the spouses are infertile at times and cannot have a child by natural process. Medications and treatments along with certa

IVF myths and facts

IVF myths and facts

in exercises are initially recommended so as to boost up certain inadequacies like less sperm count in male or persistent miscarriage in female. Many times even after all the treatments are followed religiously, the couple cannot conceive a child and that’s when the doctors advise IVF or In Vitro Fertilization.

But before you go for this type of fertilization, you should have all the doubts cleared and no confusion or misconceptions regarding this treatment must prevail in your mind. This helps in making your mind confident and assertive regarding IVF. Let us understand the real facts about this IVF treatment by discussing various rumors or myths spread across the general community.

IVF is traumatic experience

Lot of people think that since In Vitro Fertilization is an artificial method of conceiving it needs lot of surgical and painful processes. But this is truly wrong. Nowadays, injections and anesthesia are common procedures even in normal pregnancy. In IVF as well the patient are initially given 1 to 2 injections daily for around a fortnight. The egg is collected from the woman’s uterus and to make this process pain less anesthesia is used. Even the placing or transfer of embryo is not a very painful experience. So it’s a great misconception that IVF is a very painful and traumatic experience.

IVF is a very costly affair

Although IVF is a bit costly than regular treatments, it’s not too costly as compared to other surgical procedures like kidney transplant or heart surgery. For a normal couple who earn a decent income, IVF procedure is well under the budget. We spend enormous amounts for our pleasures and joys. So what if few more are spent to welcome the most awaited bundle of joy in our home?  Hence even though IVF is not a very economical option of having a child, it certainly is not the most costly one.

IVF is a complete artificial reproduction

This sure is a very huge myth! Actually IVF is a way of conceiving by using medical technology. In this whole procedure, the egg from the women’s uterus is taken out and is fertilized with the male sperm in a cultured dish and this fertilized embryo is then placed inside the women’s uterus. The whole procedure is similar to what is carried out inside the normal female body and after that the fetus too grows naturally. The important thing here to be understood is that IVF is only possible in women who have healthy body and uterus and other reproductive organs in good working condition. A woman whose uterus has been taken out due to disorder or disease cannot conceive through this IVF procedure.

Hence, instead of believing on floating rumors, a couple should take the advice of their doctor and follow the regular treatment of hormonal injections and diet in the initial days.

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