Cultivate good habits from the beginning

Cultivate good habits from the beginning

Cultivate good habits from the beginning

They say ‘habits die hard’ and that’s mighty true! Once you are used to living life in a particular way, it’s difficult to change it whether it is for the good or bad. And that is why it’s the responsibility of the parents to inculcate good habits in the children right from the start so that they are followed throughout rest of life.

Good habits can be related to many things. From eating and drinking preferences, exercising, hygiene, studying and moral values- the good habits have vast range to follow. So even before your child starts understanding the need for doing certain things like eating good food, maintaining hygiene etc. he should be taught to follow them so that he grasps them quickly. During young age, the children’s mind is very active and they soak up any habits or information related to them and hence this is the right time to shape their personality by inculcating in them good habits. Let us discuss some of the habits we can develop in young children:

Good habits related to hygiene are very important as they maintain the good health of children. Some of the regular habits include bathing in the morning daily, brushing twice –during the day and before going to bed, washing hands before eating anything, drinking only clean water or filtered or bottled water when you are away from home, wearing clean clothes everyday etc.

Apart from this the children should have a timetable for waking up and sleeping. Late night sleeping and late start in the morning are not good for health. Early in their childhood, the parents should develop good sleeping and waking habits in the children so that the whole day is refreshing and lively.

The major problem with any child is eating choices. Every mother has a problem of dishing out something new or novel for her child as children are very choosy and are more inclined towards junk food than the vegetables and regular cereals. Right from childhood; make it a discipline that the child should eat two full meals of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and vegetables made at home. And the mid time snacks can be as per his wishes. Make him understand the importance of balanced diet. This will help him remain fit, alert and intelligent throughout life time.

Exercise is another must. It is not essential that young children should go to gym or practice aerobics. But they should be actively involved in some physical activity like sports or gardening or playing with mates in the ground at least 1 hour during the day time. It’s always advisable to make your child learn at least one physical activity like swimming, yoga asana, stretching exercises etc. These habits go a long way in maintaining his physique all through his life. Also it will keep him away from disease like obesity, heart attack, diabetes which is caused by inactivity and stress.

So if you develop good habits amongst your children right from the start it will be like a legacy which will last with him all through his life.

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