Differentiate Baby Cries

Differentiate baby cries

Differentiate baby cries

Babies are adorable and cute, to a mother her baby is the best and the most beautiful segment of her life. Motherhood is a full time, rather life time job. All the mothers in the world want to give the best privileges possible to their children. But what to do when it’s difficult to understand or differentiate their needs? This dilemma is more prominent in the mothers of infants who have only one universal language of expression at this stage – and that is to just cry in any need what so ever.

The reasons

The infants cry often when they are hungry, when they are in pain, irritation due to nappy rash, when they are bitten by mosquitoes or hurt or even when they are simply getting bored. Sometimes the cry is out of fear when the baby does not hear any voices around. At such times, it becomes indeed difficult for the mother to understand the need and the process to settle.

Some guidelines quoted here can be of great help. Just check them out:

  • Hunger pains: Most of the times especially when the baby is below one month old, apart from hunger, he does not have any other needs. So most of the times when the baby cries hunger is the reason and one can easily recognize wailing at such times. Even during these days, the feeding timings are set and the infant has to be given milk after every 2.5 hours to 3 hours. So a mother can know very well whether the crying with hunger cramps or not. Also as the baby grows, the appetite increases and so hunger needs to increase too, so if your baby is putting fingers in mouth after feeding or is looking restlessly for sucking, then you should increase the feeding.
  • Aches and pains: Many times the baby cries in breaks. Mostly this is due to some pain radiating from the stomach or other organs. You need to follow the crying of the baby keenly to understand the reason . If the baby stops crying after some time, then it’s possible that the pain has waned and was a small time matter like gases or flatulence. But if the crying continues from time to time without any reason it is time to take the baby to the doctor!
  • Frightening cries: Sometimes, the baby cries out suddenly and does not stop. The mother too gets panic – stricken as there are no visible signs of crying. If the crying is very loud and unstoppable, it’s possible that the baby got frightened by some loud noise in near vicinity or even due to mosquito bite. Check the whole body of the baby and his clothes. See if there is any rash or sting in there. Even eruptions due to heat cannot be ruled out. Try to soothe the baby and use your touch therapy to console the little master of his / her safety and motherly love.
  • Biting cries: Usually when the baby is teething, there appears has loose motions and even high fever. In such cases crying of the baby can be well understood.
  • Agitated cry: Restlessness is another reason why a baby cries. Although your baby cannot talk, try to talk to him and engage him with other things like non toxic toys, music etc. so that he won’t feel the loneliness when you are working in some other room.

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