Homely aids for jaundice


Homely aids for jaundice

Homely aids for jaundice

Jaundice is a very common disease and although there are many vaccinations available, they are very rarely administered, especially in the adults. The common symptoms of jaundice are weakness, fever, headache, constipation, yellow discoloration of tongue, skin, eyes and urine and nausea. In jaundice the liver is affected the most and the patient experiences recurring dull pain in liver area. A typical obstructive type of jaundice has been found to cause intense itching.

Some common causes of jaundice

Mostly bile duct obstruction is the cause of jaundice. These bile ducts give out pigment as well as bile salts in the intestine. Due to this bile and blood gets mixed causing yellow pigmentation on the skin. This hindrance of bile ducts can be as a result of liver inflammation, gallstones and hepatitis. Hepatitis is a serious viral disease. Apart from the above cause’s hemolytic anemia, typhoid, malaria, tuberculosis or yellow fever too leads to jaundice.

Home treatments for jaundice

Although jaundice disease should be taken seriously, some dietary changes and homely remedies if initiated the moment jaundice symptoms start surfacing, can cure this disease completely and eradicate it from the roots. Our kitchen and refrigerator is a very vast treasure which has ample ingredients which can prove effective in treating jaundice.

Tomato, radish and carrot

We all know that red ripe tomatoes are very good for health. But these juicy tomatoes are very important in the treatment of jaundice. Juice of tomato is advised for the patients of jaundice. It should be taken early in the morning.  Even the juice of radish leaves or carrot is effective in this treatment.

Castor oil

Castor oil has been an age old recipe in the treatment of jaundice. Although, the oil is available everywhere in the market the treatment is more effective if the juice of fresh castor leaves is given everyday in the morning to the patient. One of the most important aspects of this treatment is dietary restrictions. No oily food or heavy fatty diet should be taken during this treatment as the intake of castor oil or juice can make the patient vomit out the whole thing.

Sugar cane juice

Foods rich in calcium and minerals are very good during jaundice. Hence milk, ripe bananas along with honey is advised during jaundice.   Regular intake of sugarcane juice is advised even by doctors. A patient of jaundice should take sugarcane juice by adding ginger and lemon juice. Ginger helps to wash out the toxins while lemon juice induces growth of liver cells and also protects them.

Orange juice

Regular bowel movements are very important during jaundice as they help to throw the toxins of liver infections outside the body. Orange juice if taken on empty stomach regulates the bowel movement and helps in fast recovery from jaundice.

Leafy vegetables and Fruits  

Fruits are very good as antioxidants and help to clean the body whereas leafy vegetables provide the necessary vitamins and nutrients to perk up the immunity that helps in defending the jaundice.

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