Genetic Makeup and Lifestyle Disorders

Genetic Makeup and Lifestyle Disorders

Genetic Makeup and Lifestyle Disorders

It is a very common tag line heard here and there- “live healthy and stay healthy”. Sure living has its major role to play, but what about the inclinations we are born with. When we enter the womb of our mother we also inculcate the parent’s body types, disease tendencies and genetic make ups for which we later may have to pay the price. The thought seems strange, but we all have to give up a bit to be the dad’s blue eye and mom’s stature.

The medical science has advanced extremes with treatment and medications to ailments that were dreaded in the earlier centuries, but still science too fails on the hereditary grounds. Many a times there are diseases which prompt no apparent cause with just a positive family history of the same. The genes still stand a challenge for the medicine world and all efforts are made to minimise the extents and let all free from the unhealthy ancestral assets. Let’s get to understand the genetic inflictions that may pop up despite of best efforts and living.

Lifestyle disorders

Hypertension and diabetes are among the top makers on the list. If the father suffers hypertension, then chances almost double for the child to develop the same. Instances are where children with enough wise actions do abort or lessen the pain, but elimination is still not a word to count. Similarly diabetes too makes a fair genetic entry along with risk additives like inactive lifestyle, luxurious eating habits and obesity. Further, people with a positive family history of complications of hypertension and diabetes must pay extra attention to lessen the hassles.


The asthma difficulty usually arises with a combination of factors that include the genetic makeup, environmental factors and a person’s individual allergy to certain substances. Genes play quite a vital role and the condition is seen to run in families, though preventive measures and medication help and control but absolute cure is still inconspicuous. Also, asthma parents do open a doorway for other allergies to set place in their kids in form of food allergy, lactose intolerance, eczema, hay fever etc. With advancements and newer discoveries most have acclaimed success, but still when it comes to the inherent genes many kneel down helplessly.

Gall and kidney stones

In layman words these gall / kidney stones or hard structure formations majorly arise with calcium and phosphorus deposition, but family history here has its existence to say. Almost half of the cases will report of a positive family history of the same, simply revealing the link. Though not understood by medicine but sure genes have everything to pass on from good looks, eye colour, skin tone, hair to even disease tendencies.

What to do?

Obviously with apt investigations and tests available worldwide, it is not uncommon to find identified ailments. So, if one knows the genetic affliction, then working from the very beginning is the key. Getting thoroughly examined at a young age where one may be perfectly healthy can give an insight and enough time for one to prepare and combat well.

May be there isn’t absolute termination, but yes complications and painful hazards can be kept aside. Corresponding dietary measures, exercises and timely examinations will cause no harm but will sure work in favour. For instance, kidney stones may keep lying for years and years and may suddenly leave one in extreme pains. Thus, early identification and small pieces void out with urine only can abort troublesome deeds.

The genetic hazards can be many, above is just a glimpse. So get in touch with the genetic counsellor soon and see for the odds that may bother later.

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