Restrict Diabetes from Becoming a Barrier between You and Your Trips

Restrict Diabetes from Becoming a Barrier between You and Your Trips

Restrict Diabetes from Becoming a Barrier between You and Your Trips

Are you planning a business trip or a cruise? Whether you’re going on a vacation or a business trip, you can do almost anything; but if you are a patient of Diabetes, you need some extra planning. Alterations in the time zone, meal patterns or activity variations can affect your blood sugar levels. Therefore you need to be well prepared to face any kind of situations like limited healthy food options, lost luggage or some delay. Also, you may find the highways, railway stations and the airports buzzing with people all around which can even lead to extra stress and anxiety, being a patient of Diabetes. You can start your journey safely and keep your Diabetes in check with the help of a few tips:

Before leaving, always visit your health care provider and get your blood sugar level checked. This will ensure that your blood sugar level is in control and the doctor will also enlighten you about the necessary precautions to be taken and the medications of Diabetes to carry along in the journey.

Enquire whether there is a facility of healthy meal on the way. If not, then take along your own meal as being a patient of Diabetes to need to be extra cautious about your food.

Always carry healthy snacks, extra glucose tablets or gels that will regulate your Diabetes.

Carry along your medical identification and medical insurance card. Also, jot down an emergency number to call in case of sudden crisis.

Don’t leave your Diabetes medications, insulin or other necessary items in the trunk or glove compartment which increases their changes of getting heated up. Bring them along in your carry-on luggage so that they are easily accessible when the need be.

Carry glucose powder with you if you take insulin and keep the insulin cool with the help of blue ice (cold packs) or insulin bags.

While boarding the flight or traveling by a train, tell at least one person that you have Diabetes. Also, educate them about the symptoms of blood sugar level changes like dizziness, confusion or sweating. You can either explain about the Diabetes trigger and other complications of Diabetes to your co passengers or the flight attendant.

People having Diabetes need to take special care of their foot. Therefore, while travelling always pack socks, comfortable shoes and most importantly a first aid kit to address any minor foot injury. Carry more than one pair of shoes with you and keep on changing them to prevent sore pressure points and blisters. Also, take care while you are walking along the beaches or pool and avoid wearing open toe sandals as it increases the risk of foot infections due to increased sensitivity as a result of Diabetes.

If you are a patient of Diabetes, don’t sit idle for more than 2 hours. This will enhance the chances of blood clot. So, move around in at least every 2 hour to increase your comfort.

Last but not the least, keep checking your blood sugar level from time to time and stick to your Diabetes testing routine.

Always remember that you might be taking a break from work or your busy schedule for the trip. But Diabetes never takes a break! So, it’s better to be well prepared to make the most out of the trip and keep your blood sugar level in check.

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