Menopause: an end to sex?

Menopause an end to sex?

Menopause an end to sex?

The conception of a no sex life for a female after menopause is very much prevalent in our societies. Most believe that females with a hormonal fluctuation of almost 360 degree within the menopause phase loose all the stimulation and are just left as companions with no lust and sensuality to scroll. However, this is not completely true. People after shedding off all fears have come up with entirely different stories to this regard. Some with a lot of maturity, years of love and no risk of any pregnancy have reported to enjoy the sex sessions much more than before.  And for sure with more and more people pouring in their views the ‘no sex’ notion is changing within the norms and is a topic to be discussed and pondered after menopause as well.

The struggle is quite there as with the menopause strikes night sweats, hot flushes, psychological issues (mood swings, depression) vaginal dryness, thinning and loss of sexual appetite. But then also a lot have discovered newer ways and strategies to combat and savour every post menopause moment.

What causes a lower desire in menopause?

• The falling levels of progesterone, estrogen and testosterone in the body causes the desire to make love drop to its minimum. Here each segment has its role to play to conclude a passionate sex episode. Estrogen gives a kick to the vaginal sensitivity, progesterone and testosterone up heaves the desire and also works to lubricate. With the lack of want and a lesser slippery canal menopause is a phase for low libido

• Sometimes even the collateral symptoms like tiredness, lethargy, night sweats, hot flushes, irritability, agitation, insomnia too can leave a female bothered and absolutely disinterested in sex.

• Psychological preoccupation: as mentioned earlier with mood swings and depression often a female can’t even think straight and sex is for obvious reasons shelved and is kept aside wrapped tightly in a corner.

• Painful experience: with lesser lubrication the coition after menopause can be difficult and even painful sometimes. And whatever that causes discomfort can never bring in happiness indeed.

• Change in body contour: with a female progressing to her 50’s or let’s say menopause often experiences a redistribution of fat. Most commonly the breast size tends to decrease and sag with the deposition over the waist line, not very acceptable by any women. This over consciousness has seen to create quite an impact where a female doesn’t find herself attractive enough and hesitates to accept the alteration.

How to deal with menopause?

Despite of the all above mentioned menopause odds there are tools available to combat the condition. These equipment’s very much available in bazaars are bliss to the elderly to clubbed together once again with love and vigor:

• Local applications: here the use of jellies and hormonal ointments do bring in the lost smoothness and makes the surface without friction. The use also aids to bring in the vaginal sensitivity and let a couple enjoy even after the menopause.

• Hormone replacement therapy (HRT): with this the levels can be well managed and can bring in the same libido. Though for years HRT was considered one of the most efficient tools with regard to menopause but lately studies reveal of its side effects and its adequate use to make it an aid and not a foe.

Menopause is a natural phenomenon and definitely not an end to a female sexual life and can even mark a new beginning.

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