Pregnancy after 40- Fraught with dangers

Pregnancy after 40- Fraug

Pregnancy after 40- Fraug

What is the right age for pregnancy? Medically speaking it is anywhere from the twenties to early thirties. But today we find more women delaying motherhood trying first to establish their careers thereby increasing the number of late pregnancies.

Pregnancy after 40 years of age is fraught with dangers for both the mother and the child, is something we all knew but the fact has been now again re-established by a recent Israeli research especially for women over the age of 45.

Previous research on risks and complications related to pregnancy in older women focused on those between the ages 35 to 40, and nothing was known about pregnancy after 40.

This research aimed to find out the complications associated with pregnancy after 40 years. The research team observed women of different ages who gave birth in a local hospital during the years 2000 and 2008. This included 80,000 women among whom 177, that is, only 2 percent where over the age of 45.

Most of these women over the age of 45 had got pregnant using donor eggs. Cesarean section delivery was preferred by the majority of this group, which was more than twice the overall rate in the total 80,000 women.

The pregnancy after 40 also put the women at a higher risk of developing high blood pressure and diabetes during pregnancy apart from other more serious complications like pre-term births and placenta previa.

In Placenta previa the placenta tends to block the mouth of the birth canal and Preterm birth means delivering the baby before the average 40 weeks of pregnancy.

9 percent of the older pregnant women reported high blood pressure and 17 percent were diabetic during pregnancy as compared to 6 percent diabetics in younger women.

6 percent of the older women suffered from placenta previa, approximately six times the overall rate, and more than one in five women had a preterm birth.

Among the 27 women who were more than 50 years of age, the reported incidences of preterm birth were even higher.

Fever and severe bleeding after birth were the two other common complications observed, and also their babies were more likely to land in the intensive care unit or stay in the hospital longer. What was a more worrying trend that around 4 percent of these babies who were conceived at pregnancy after 40 suffered from metabolic problems like low blood pressure in comparison to a mere 2 percent of babies of younger women.

This research is a first of its kind focusing on the birth complications in women at extremely advanced maternal age and pregnancy after 40. Earlier studies have reported older mothers facing more complications and yet others did not find any difference. But the latest research found the women over 45 years of age at a higher risk of developing birth related complications.

Many health experts state that increasing age leads to less (healthy) individuals, and less healthy individuals and pregnancy after 40 do have higher pregnancy risks. It is not the age of the women that creates the trouble, rather the fact that the older people get more vulnerable and disease prone and the potential to complicated pregnancies also increases.

Assisted reproductive technologies, such as the use of donor eggs in case of pregnancies of older women is also a good option for pregnancy after 40 as these pregnancies may be healthier than using their own eggs which might have more genetic abnormalities.

All in all pregnancy after 40 does not seem to be a very safe option neither for the mother nor the child. Therefore, advice of experts is always required to go ahead with the pregnancy after 40.

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Healthy Habits for a Happy Old Age

Healthy Habits for a Happy Old Age

Healthy Habits for a Happy Old Age

Old age does not mean that one cannot remain healthy. Given below are a few tips which will not alter the course of ageing but also help seniors remain fit as a fiddle.

Drink adequate amount of water: Water will not only help keeping the body clean of toxins but also keep your heart beating well. It will protect the body from chances of developing kidney stones and urine problems and make your skin glow naturally.

Regular Exercises: There is nothing like physical activity to keep you going up and about. Exercise will not only help you look and feel younger, it will also make you live longer and healthier. Endurance exercises are essential for you irrespective of the age you are in whether 30th, 60th or 90th decade of your life. There is nothing that can replace good old exercise, when it comes to keeping old age at bay. A research from Tel Aviv University revealed that endurance exercises like jogging or spinning can make a major positive difference in the way we look. Exercise helps un-lock the muscle stem cells, increasing their number bettering their capacity to rejuvenate older muscles. Another thing that endurance exercise does is to increase the levels of ‘spontaneous locomotion.’ This is the feeling that gets our bodies moving. Old age is typically associated with lower levels of ‘spontaneous locomotion.’

Balanced diet: No one can deny the role of a well balanced diet in maintaining health in old age. High calorific food like sweets, fried and junk food should be avoided. It is advised that one should increase the uptake of calcium enriched food with age to strengthen bones. Fruits, vegetables and greens should also be added to your daily diet.

Recreational activities: Depression due to social isolation and low income are commonly associated with old age. This has an adverse affect on health. The best way to combat loneliness in old age is to engage in as many recreational activities as possible to keep oneself occupied and happy.

Brain exercises: People in old age should try to keep their brains agile by constantly participating in mind stimulating activities like writing, reading, solving puzzles, learning new skills, playing games like chess, etc.

Regular vision and auditory tests: An ideal anti-ageing plan comprises of regular sight and hearing tests by specialists. Vision deterioration related to old age like Glaucoma, Cataract and Muscular degeneration can be successfully treated if diagnosed early. Hearing loss happens to be the third most common chronic illness suffered by the old age seniors leading to depression, social isolation and cognitive decline. Ways to protect from old age associated eye conditions are to wear sunglasses, quit smoking, regulating blood pressure and sugar levels and keeping the right weight. It is advised to use ear plugs if in a place full of noise in order to safeguard them.

Regulating BP: Old age seniors especially those in their 70’s and above should take great care to keep their blood pressure and sugar levels under control. If required take medication to regulate and maintain them.

Sound Sleep: No more and no less than six hours of sleep is necessary for a healthy old age. Sleep deprivation can lead to increase in weight, high blood pressure, cholesterol and Type 2 Diabetes.

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Keep off the harmful effects of Skin Burn: Try some home remedies!

Keep off the harmful effects of Skin Burn: Try some home remedies!

Keep off the harmful effects of Skin Burn: Try some home remedies!

Skin burn: The name itself triggers emotions like pain, dread and anxiety. Most of us might have experienced skin burn at least once in our lifetime, whether it was a minor or major burn. Sometimes we carelessly run a hot iron over our fingers instead of our dress, or hold too hot frying pan by mistake or pour some hot oil on our hand. These minor mistakes on our part can lead to minor or grievous burn.

So, let’s first get to know what the term “burn” exactly means!

An injury caused by skin’s exposure to excessive heat, radiation, friction, electricity, chemicals or fire is called burn. Depending on the severity of the skin damaged caused, skin burn is divided into First degree, second degree and third degree burns. The top layer of the skin is damaged in the first degree burns and it gets healed in a day or two. Blisters are caused in the second degree burns and they are more severe. They need special attention and care as they are much more painful. In the third degree burns all the layers of the skin are damaged and are very painful.

Whether you get inflicted with first degree, second degree or third degree burn, you need immediate attention.  As the injury penetrates deep into the nerves, they make the skin look charred. If they are not properly taken care of, they can prove to be threatening.

There are times when you or any of your loved ones suffer burns, and in the state of panic, instead of reliving the pain you end up aggravating it. So, mentioned below are some of the ways through which you can get relief from the burnt pain and lessen its harmful effects.

  • If you have landed up with blisters, there is no need to panic, instead immediately immerse the burnt area in cold water and keep it soaked for at least fifteen minutes and you will feel instant relief. It cools down the skin and also the burning sensation in the affected area is reduced.
  • Do not remove the clothing if a person has been burnt with clothing. Instead, immediately immerse the area in water. It is a sensible idea to place a wet cloth over the burn for a couple of minutes to give an easing effect.
  • Toothpaste works miraculously in calming down burns. It prevents opening of the wound and maturation and provides instant cooling.
  • Apply aloe vera gel from the leaves of the aloe vera plant on the burns. It will cool down the area and prevent blisters and help the area to heal quicker.
  • Rub a raw potato over the burn, but make sure you get a juicy piece of potato.
  • Never apply butter, oil or lotion to burns as they only worsen it by clogging the pores even more.
  • Bandages and dressings should also be avoided as the burns should be left open so that the skin can breathe.
  • Honey, yogurt, whole milk and egg white are also some of the home remedies for burns.
  • If the burn is major then rush the patient to the nearby hospital.

Through the above mentioned methods you can keep the disastrous effects of burns to the minimum and help the burnt area heal sooner!

Weight-loss Nutritional Supplements and You

Weight-loss Nutritional Supplements and You

Weight-loss Nutritional Supplements and You

It is a popular saying that ‘one cannot be too rich or too thin,’ and who amongst us can deny the lure of nutritional dietary supplements for instant weight loss. But the big question remains, do they work?

As usual there are some supporters of the concept, highlighting the advantages of dietary supplements in weight management, where as there are others who argue that these dietary supplements do nothing and at times can even be harmful.

So what should one do?

Let us begin by telling you about what dietary supplements actually mean. These are essential preparations meant to supply the nutrients, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids and fibre that the body misses upon through the daily diet. These dietary supplements are taken as food in some parts of the world, whereas they are labelled natural health products or drugs in other countries

Codex Alimentarius, is an organisation dedicated to collections of internationally required standards, guidelines, codes of practise and other recommendations relating to food, their production and safety. This organization is supported by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) of the United Nations and World Health Organizations (WHO).

Now-a-days the market is flooded by food supplements that claim instant and effective weight loss; these are different types of dietary supplements that claim to reduce weight by following different mechanisms. Given below is a list of weight loss dietary supplements together with their purported mechanism.

Supplements that increase the body’s energy expenditure: Ephedra, Bitter orange Guarana, Caffeine, Country mallow, Yerba mate, Modulate carbohydrate (Chromium, Ginseng)

Supplements that promote a feeling of satiety: Guar gum, Glucomannan, Psyllium, Increase fat oxidation or reduce fat synthesis (L-carnitine, Hydroxycitric acid, Green tea, Vitamin B5, Licorice, Conjugated linoleic acid, Pyruvate)

Supplements that have a blocking effect on dietary fat absorption: Chitosan, (Increase water elimination (Dandelion, Cascara), Enhance mood (St. John’s wort) Miscellaneous or unspecified (Laminaria, Spirulina [also known as blue-green algae] Guggul, Apple cider vinegar).

Despite an organization being in place for the regularization of these nutritional supplements, the truth remains that most of these are not monitored by authorities and people most of the time take them at their own risk.

These weight loss dietary supplements are easily available at the health store, supermarket or the chemist, not to forget the plethora of options available online. The reason behind their being available in abundance in such outlets is again a lack of proper regulatory standards as in case of prescription drugs and are sold with no or minimal proof of their effectiveness. The silver lining though is the fact that they can be recalled by Food and Drug Authorities, if found to be unfit for human consumption.  Thus it is very important for any of us to research adequately on any weight loss food supplement before thinking of taking them. There is absolutely no dearth of information available online on these weight loss supplements. But the best advice will come from your physician. Only a physician can best recommend what weight loss dietary supplement will be suitable for you, and will not interfere with any of the prescription medicine you might be on.

Despite all this, it cannot be denied that these weight loss dietary supplements have seen to have worked in a number of cases.  In the coming articles, we will attempt to discuss the mechanism at work and the efficacy of these supplements one by one.

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Working on Lung Infections

Working on lung infections

Working on lung infections

Lungs are quite primary and critical segment of our respiratory system, they assist drain out oxygen from the inhaled air and void off the carbon dioxide with the exhaled one. To keep up the organ functioning naturally there is a certain percentage of moisture there in which sets routes perfect for various bacterial and viral agents to settle and lead consequences. In cases where the immune system may be compromised due to any reason, the body is not in a position to combat effectively and these bacteria or virus inhaled rapidly effect the lungs. These lung infections form a very chronic variety of diseases that negatively affect on the entire functioning of the body. There are several occasions when people encounter the symptoms of this chronic disease and need to cure it.

 The few major causes of lung Infections include

  • Pleurisy
  • Pneumonia
  • Cough and common cold
  • Asthma and obstructive Pulmonary disease
  • Lung infections triggered by the occupational and environmental hazards such as air pollutants and toxins
  • Varied bacteria inhaled are another cause of lung infections
  • Those who smoke are prone to suffer from chronic viral lung infections. Smoking is a major cause that reduces proper functioning of the lungs and leaves one susceptible.


It seems that people who suffer from lung infections display some common symptoms. The basic symptoms of any respiratory infection that more or less are always there are summed up as below:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Cough with or without sputum
  • Hemoptysis or  blood in the sputum while coughing
  • Somnolence
  • Pain in chest with difficult breathing
  • Gradual loss of appetite
  • Stridor or panting
  • Cyanosis
  • Headaches and weakness
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever in case of severe lung infections

It is strictly recommended that when these symptoms are noticed or identified in anyone in the vicinity, rush to the doctor and consult about the current state of affairs.


Before any kind of treatment a certain tests need to be done to identify cause and determine extent / effects etc in total. Blood tests, a chest X-ray, cultures help determine and diagnose the condition precisely before prescribing any medications. In lung infections, doctors usually use following medical treatments either alone or in combination to relieve:

  • Bronchodilators
  • Corticosteroids
  • Surgery
  • Immune suppressants
  • Physiotherapy

However, there are several natural remedies also available to assist cure. These natural remedies are the best way to cure your lung infections without any side effects. Also you can incorporate these measures with your prescribed curriculum to drain maximum.

  • Mix a teaspoon of ginger powder with cloves and pepper consumed thrice a day aids enough to curtail lung infections.
  • Boil ginger, black pepper and basil in equal quantity. This mixture should intake four times a day.
  • Lung infections sufferer can chew licorice roots for few hours. It is very useful to strengthen immunity.
  • Balanced and nutritive diet is also an essential in curing lung infections of viral origin.
  • Mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder in warm milk and intake it twice a day. Continue this treatment for 15 days to get positive results.
  • Prepare a blend of sesame and linseed seeds with little salt and teaspoon honey. This effective mixture will help you to combat this disease properly.

Lung infections can occur to anyone at any stage of life but a proper follow up and treatment can keep things easy for sure.

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Dementia and Ageing

Dementia and Ageing

Dementia and Ageing

20 million was the population of the elderly according to the Census of 1951. By 1991 this figure rose to 57 million. The decade from 1991 to 2001 saw a sharp increase in this figure. It is expected that by the year 2050 the numbers will reach 324 million. These figures were given by the Indian Journal of Community Medicine, July 2008. India is fast coming on the verge of becoming a nation of elderly.

Old age brings with a host of illness, both mental and physical. Dementia is one such common mental illness associated with old age. It has been observed that around 5% of the people above 65 years of age tend to suffer from Cognitive impairment that can potentially lead to Dementia and an additional 5% also show moderate changes.

Cause of Dementia

You might wonder at this point, what exactly is Dementia. Dementia is a chronic and progressive deterioration of mental faculty most probably occurring due to old age. The signs and symptoms should be at least present in the patient for a minimum of six months to confirm the case of Dementia. The other associated symptoms of Dementia include loss of emotional control, imbalance in social behaviour, lack of motivation and inability to perform ADLS, that is, activities of daily living. These symptoms are collectively referred to as ‘non-cognitive’ characteristics of Dementia and are called BPSD that is, Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms in Dementia. They are the most upsetting and difficult to cope with symptoms for family care givers, friends and relatives. Progressive cerebral degeneration is what is responsible for causing Dementia. This cerebral degeneration can be a result of a number of conditions like Vascular Dementia, Dementia with Lewy bodies or Alzheimer’s.

Clinical Assessment of Dementia

Though no specific diagnostic tests are available to confirm Dementia, a detailed examination of physical, basically neurological and mental state can be used to find out the underlying pathology of the patients. The diagnosis can be further supported by certain brain imaging methods like MRI Scanning or CT or functional imaging techniques like SPECT (Single Photon, Emission Computer Tomography) scanning.

It is essential that the aetiology of Dementia is established during the patient’s lifetime to:

  • To find out the course of illness and help in good prognosis
  • To determine specific treatment for each type of Dementia

The patients of Dementia generally either fail to cope or suffer from disturbed behaviour or might have both. They often deny the existence of the condition in the early stages of the disease.

Managing Dementia

These patients need:

  • Evaluation of the cause and intensity of the disease
  • Evaluation of difficulty in functioning and the requirement of care
  • Evaluation of the patient’s social condition
  • Determining treatment and care according to diagnosed needs
  • Providing emotional and physicals support to care givers
  • Constant review of the above mentioned points to determine if the treatment is effective or not

Nearly half the patients of Dementia suffer from simultaneous physical health troubles. Taking care of such patients becomes even more challenging. Dementia is also often accompanied by:

  • Emotional instability
  • Depression
  • Some psychotic characteristics
  • Behavioural trouble

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5 simple steps to kick out PCOD

5 simple steps to kick out PCOD

5 simple steps to kick out PCOD

Polycystic ovarian disease or in simple words known as PCOD is a hormonal disharmony that presents in form of small cysts over the ovaries disrupting the normal production and functions. Though the cysts justify the name and findings but sometimes there may also be seen hormonal variations even without any cyst in existence.

Symptoms that reveal PCOD

  • Infertility: The major havoc to turn along with PCOD is indeed infertility and may also be a guiding symptom to identify the underneath. A woman may be completely unaware of her condition and may only come to know once she fails to conceive even after repeated attempts and measures or has an early miscarriage.
  • Hirsutism: excess hair growth on the abnormal sites like chin, around nipples etc. Actually this unwanted cosmetic curse arises with the extra male hormones secreted within the circulation by the multiple ovarian cysts.
  • Weight gain and acne
  • Irregular menstrual cycles: the overshadowing hormones interfere normal cycles and not let the functions run timely and smoothly surfacing in form of irregular menstrual cycles. In some PCOD cases a female may report of no menses for 6 months at a stretch

If intervened well the PCOD progress and extent can be limited but in cases left on own has shown complications in form of diabetes, hypertension, heart problems and even cancers later. Also surgery is to be approached particularly in the infertile group to relieve.

The natural treatment

This may come as a surprise to every reader that though the medical science has progressed vast but then also the natural steps have proved manifold efficacious in the treatment of PCOD. So much so that experts also report of resolving cases with just the following and no medicine / aid at all:

  • Diet: Here the major PCOD concern is to nourish all essentials and cut down the excess calorie intake. To drain all possible calories from just fruits and vegetables is the key. The process assist digestion and easy burn out and let one keep healthy indeed
  • Weight loss: This is a necessity while treating PCOD either with or without medications. A combination of exercises, diet and other weight loss natural techniques work to raise metabolism and balance the hormonal disruption indeed. Studies reveal that females who suffered infertility issues owing to PCOD were able to conceive naturally after a weight loss. Some may think it to be extensive but trust even 3 to 4 kilograms of weight loss has helped many overcome the PCOD infertile mishap.
  • Learn to relax: With storms of hormones within; mental changes are bound to be seen like mood swings, gloominess and stress and with infertility these may increase taking an ugly turn. Every PCOD patient must relax, as the feel good factors act in interest and help one come through soon. Yoga, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques must be a part of daily routine. These calm senses and rejuvenate. Further a counsellor can be approached to make the female free of her worries.
  • Assist: Family support indeed is also a must, a partner must understand that PCOD doesn’t mean his wife can’t be pregnant it is just she needs some treatment. Harassing her, blaming her again and again will only ruin, try support and see how this chirpiness gives you the gift of a little angel
  • Give up addictives: A female approaching motherhood must give up on all sorts of alcohol and smoking indulgences as these may directly interfere and harm the revival.

Just follow the above religiously for at least 6 – 8 months and see the natural miracle touch your life too.

For more information visit us HealthFore Technologies Limited is a global healthcare IT solutions and advisory services company. Our patient-centric healthcare solutions focus on wellness, preventive care and condition management. Our information and health advisory services ensure prompt diagnosis and treatment of diseases. We create mass awareness to improve the quality of life through self-care.