6 Crucial Headache Triggers

6 Crucial Headache Triggers

6 Crucial Headache Triggers

Do you often suffer from headaches that not only disrupt your efficiency but also cause you pain and anxiety? When people become a victim of headaches, they often try to discover the reason or causes behind it. Is it lack of sleep or something edible is responsible for the headache triggers? This comprehensive article will help you to discover the causes of headache:

Sleep Deprivation

Sleep or better to say, the lack of sleep is widely acknowledged as a headache trigger. People who get less than 6 hours of sleep are more susceptible to headache triggers than the ones who enjoy more than 6 hours sleep.

Skip of the meals

Sometimes people have the tendency to skip their meals for one reason or the other. Some give losing weight as their excuse while others may blame their busy schedule. But, one of the most common headache triggers is hunger.

Excessive intake of caffeine

Majority of the people have the habit of excessively consuming coffee or other caffeine products, whether in the office or at home.  A small amount of caffeine can help to relieve headaches, but too much of it act as one of headache triggers. If you have been constantly troubled by headache, then try to cut down your caffeine and restrict it to having just twice a week.

Lack of any physical activity

A recent study has revealed that the people who remain inactive are more prone to headache triggers than those who work out on a daily basis. Therefore, always aim towards keeping your life physically active. You can get registered in a local gym, join swimming club, try cycling or aim at walking for half an hour everyday. This will assuage your stress, increase the blood flow to the brain and keep you away from headache triggers. But in some people exercise may act as a headache trigger. Therefore, it’s important to consult a doctor prior to taking up any form of exercise or when you feel the headache triggers.


A study has enfolded that 35% chances of headaches increases in women having mild obesity (i.e. BMI of 30) than those having BMI lower than 30, whereas, serious Obesity, i.e. BMI of 40 enhanced the risks to 80%.


Dehydration is also considered as one of the vital headache triggers. There is no need for you to drink gallons of water to remain hydrated. Instead, you need to increase your intake of vegetables and fruits as they bring along other valuable minerals and nutrients too.

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