5 Tips to lead a Arthritis Free Life, Naturally

5 Tips to lead a Arthritis Free Life, Naturally

5 Tips to lead a Arthritis Free Life, Naturally

If you wake up in the morning with a feeling of soreness and aching hips and knees there are chances in the world are suffering from Arthritis of some form or the other. The most common type of Arthritis afflicting people is Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis usually strikes people over 35 years of age, and is thus also called the ‘degenerative joint diseases.’ The strangest part about this type of Arthritis is that it typically affects active people or ex-athletes. The pain begins appearing with age due to regular wear and tear of the joints of the bones. As the joint between the bones is subjected to repeated movement and weight, the cartilage begins breaking down resulting in pain and inflammation. Osteoarthritis tends to worsen over time and the joints become weaker after repeated usage. This arthritis initially begins at the knees and moves upwards to the hips, fingers, spine, basically load bearing joints.

Though there are a number of pain killers, exercises and other medications available t alleviate Arthritis pain, in this article we will try to tell you about some natural ways to treat Arthritis.

Drink Water: 80% of the world’s population is dehydrated, Tea, coffee, and other flavored beverages are fast replacing water today. Most of these have caffeine that makes the body loose water and piling on them could result in extreme dehydration and thus aggravate Arthritis. Consuming adequate amount of water will assist in natural treatment of symptoms of Arthritis. It is important to at least drink 10 to 12 glasses of water everyday for patients of Arthritis.

Flushing the body of harmful toxins: A monthly fasting, i.e. refraining from fast food and taking only fruits, juices and water is a very effective way to cleanse your body of all the harmful arthritis causing alkalines.

Try eating fresh foods: Keep away from processed foods as much as possible. Staying away from preservatives and additives will actually help you stay away from Arthritis flare-ups. It is especially true for Arthritis that prevention is better than cure. Try including as much water-soluble fiber possible in your diet in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Avoid bad foods: Bad foods are those that will aggravate your Arthritis and initiate a flare-up. It is best to avoid processed food, sugars and most fast foods. Try including healthier option in your daily diet and you will begin noticing visible change in about two weeks time. Another word of advice on food, refrain from taking food made of white flour, because of the harmful effects of enriching process.

Breathing and Exercising: First a word on breathing. Yes all of us are always breathing but are we breathing right. Right breathing exercises has the potency to amazingly alleviate the pain of Arthritis and relax the individual. Pranayam and other breathing exercises will give you wonderful benefits. And what’s even more interesting that it takes only a few minutes to do these breathing exercises.

And now for exercise, well don’t we all know that exercising takes away the stress from muscle joints by taking the stress off and help build muscle mass. You will very soon see a noticeable difference in Arthritis as soon as you start exercising. Given above are a few natural ways to treat Arthritis. If one pays attention to one’s body and recognize the early signs of Arthritis early, there is no doubt they will lead a healthy, wealthy, Arthritis Free Life

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