Cluster Headaches and Homeopathy

Cluster Headaches and Homeopathy

Cluster Headaches and Homeopathy

Cluster headaches better known as migrainous neuralgia in the medical field is a lesser occurring version of migraine. Though not widely prevalent, it is very much in existence and extremely bothers the sufferer. The condition is predominantly seen in males, mostly in their 30’s. The condition of cluster headaches is seen with a little genetic indisposition and the patients are usually heavy smokers.

The condition of cluster headaches differs from the classical migraine, where potent dietary triggers like citrus fruits, caffeine, alcohol, food preservatives tend to raise the ache but a cluster headache may remain unaffected with them.

What are cluster headaches?

A cluster headache is a characteristic syndrome with periodic pain episodes, unilateral eye pain often seen associated with infection, a watering eye and stuffy nose. The headache is unbearably of severe kind and last for 30 to 90 minutes. Often these episodes appear in specific hours of the day, usually in the early morning hours and may repeat themselves for weeks followed by an absolute ache free period to again come back the same way. Going by the conventional norms, the only trick to cool off the cluster headache is palliation, unlike homeopathy which works both in the acute and chronic phase to relieve the pain completely.

Where the traditional practitioners begin to work on acute flare ups, homeopathy works in the peaceful phase to heal the cluster headache pain and provide relief. The natural system works to eradicate the headache in a holistic manner to curtail recurrences. Evidences have revealed that people under homeopathic hands have improved tremendously and have shown lesser severity of symptoms.

The following are few names of acute remedies that have proved their worth in the field of cluster headaches when administered in the right dosage at the right intervals:

  • Belladonna: the remedy prepared from deadly nightshade has aptly controlled cluster headaches in the most natural way. It is well indicated in cases where patient presents with throbbing, heat and fullness sensations in the head. The patient constantly burrows the head into a pillow, draws the head backwards and rolls from side to side. Right sided headaches call for the administration of belladonna. Lying down is quite uncomfortable and the patient desires to stay in a semi erect position.
  • Cedron simaruba ferroginea: periodicity is the most marked characteristic indicating its use. The remedy acts well in voluptuous disposition, excitable and nervous temperament. Further, the headache is experienced across the eyes and almost over the entire right side and the whole body feels numb with these episodes. Here, cedron is found to be useful in patient residing in damp, warm and tropical countries.
  • Gelsemium: a yellow jasmine preparation acts in cases of heaviness and band like sensations around the head. Eyelids feel heavy with bruised feelings which assuages with laying the head high. Pain begins on the sides extending into the nose wings and the chin. The patient always desires to have the head raised on the pillow to relieve the agony of cluster headaches. Further, profuse urination seems to improve with the help of the aid.

Magnesia phosphorica, spigelia, cimcifuga, arsenic album are important pain relievers when it comes to cluster headaches. The above write-up sums up just the acute remedies and for a holistic chronic healer, one must seek expert help to uproot the causes and thus pave way to a pain free living.

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