5 simple steps to kick out PCOD

5 simple steps to kick out PCOD

5 simple steps to kick out PCOD

Polycystic ovarian disease or in simple words known as PCOD is a hormonal disharmony that presents in form of small cysts over the ovaries disrupting the normal production and functions. Though the cysts justify the name and findings but sometimes there may also be seen hormonal variations even without any cyst in existence.

Symptoms that reveal PCOD

  • Infertility: The major havoc to turn along with PCOD is indeed infertility and may also be a guiding symptom to identify the underneath. A woman may be completely unaware of her condition and may only come to know once she fails to conceive even after repeated attempts and measures or has an early miscarriage.
  • Hirsutism: excess hair growth on the abnormal sites like chin, around nipples etc. Actually this unwanted cosmetic curse arises with the extra male hormones secreted within the circulation by the multiple ovarian cysts.
  • Weight gain and acne
  • Irregular menstrual cycles: the overshadowing hormones interfere normal cycles and not let the functions run timely and smoothly surfacing in form of irregular menstrual cycles. In some PCOD cases a female may report of no menses for 6 months at a stretch

If intervened well the PCOD progress and extent can be limited but in cases left on own has shown complications in form of diabetes, hypertension, heart problems and even cancers later. Also surgery is to be approached particularly in the infertile group to relieve.

The natural treatment

This may come as a surprise to every reader that though the medical science has progressed vast but then also the natural steps have proved manifold efficacious in the treatment of PCOD. So much so that experts also report of resolving cases with just the following and no medicine / aid at all:

  • Diet: Here the major PCOD concern is to nourish all essentials and cut down the excess calorie intake. To drain all possible calories from just fruits and vegetables is the key. The process assist digestion and easy burn out and let one keep healthy indeed
  • Weight loss: This is a necessity while treating PCOD either with or without medications. A combination of exercises, diet and other weight loss natural techniques work to raise metabolism and balance the hormonal disruption indeed. Studies reveal that females who suffered infertility issues owing to PCOD were able to conceive naturally after a weight loss. Some may think it to be extensive but trust even 3 to 4 kilograms of weight loss has helped many overcome the PCOD infertile mishap.
  • Learn to relax: With storms of hormones within; mental changes are bound to be seen like mood swings, gloominess and stress and with infertility these may increase taking an ugly turn. Every PCOD patient must relax, as the feel good factors act in interest and help one come through soon. Yoga, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques must be a part of daily routine. These calm senses and rejuvenate. Further a counsellor can be approached to make the female free of her worries.
  • Assist: Family support indeed is also a must, a partner must understand that PCOD doesn’t mean his wife can’t be pregnant it is just she needs some treatment. Harassing her, blaming her again and again will only ruin, try support and see how this chirpiness gives you the gift of a little angel
  • Give up addictives: A female approaching motherhood must give up on all sorts of alcohol and smoking indulgences as these may directly interfere and harm the revival.

Just follow the above religiously for at least 6 – 8 months and see the natural miracle touch your life too.

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