Healthy Habits for a Happy Old Age

Healthy Habits for a Happy Old Age

Healthy Habits for a Happy Old Age

Old age does not mean that one cannot remain healthy. Given below are a few tips which will not alter the course of ageing but also help seniors remain fit as a fiddle.

Drink adequate amount of water: Water will not only help keeping the body clean of toxins but also keep your heart beating well. It will protect the body from chances of developing kidney stones and urine problems and make your skin glow naturally.

Regular Exercises: There is nothing like physical activity to keep you going up and about. Exercise will not only help you look and feel younger, it will also make you live longer and healthier. Endurance exercises are essential for you irrespective of the age you are in whether 30th, 60th or 90th decade of your life. There is nothing that can replace good old exercise, when it comes to keeping old age at bay. A research from Tel Aviv University revealed that endurance exercises like jogging or spinning can make a major positive difference in the way we look. Exercise helps un-lock the muscle stem cells, increasing their number bettering their capacity to rejuvenate older muscles. Another thing that endurance exercise does is to increase the levels of ‘spontaneous locomotion.’ This is the feeling that gets our bodies moving. Old age is typically associated with lower levels of ‘spontaneous locomotion.’

Balanced diet: No one can deny the role of a well balanced diet in maintaining health in old age. High calorific food like sweets, fried and junk food should be avoided. It is advised that one should increase the uptake of calcium enriched food with age to strengthen bones. Fruits, vegetables and greens should also be added to your daily diet.

Recreational activities: Depression due to social isolation and low income are commonly associated with old age. This has an adverse affect on health. The best way to combat loneliness in old age is to engage in as many recreational activities as possible to keep oneself occupied and happy.

Brain exercises: People in old age should try to keep their brains agile by constantly participating in mind stimulating activities like writing, reading, solving puzzles, learning new skills, playing games like chess, etc.

Regular vision and auditory tests: An ideal anti-ageing plan comprises of regular sight and hearing tests by specialists. Vision deterioration related to old age like Glaucoma, Cataract and Muscular degeneration can be successfully treated if diagnosed early. Hearing loss happens to be the third most common chronic illness suffered by the old age seniors leading to depression, social isolation and cognitive decline. Ways to protect from old age associated eye conditions are to wear sunglasses, quit smoking, regulating blood pressure and sugar levels and keeping the right weight. It is advised to use ear plugs if in a place full of noise in order to safeguard them.

Regulating BP: Old age seniors especially those in their 70’s and above should take great care to keep their blood pressure and sugar levels under control. If required take medication to regulate and maintain them.

Sound Sleep: No more and no less than six hours of sleep is necessary for a healthy old age. Sleep deprivation can lead to increase in weight, high blood pressure, cholesterol and Type 2 Diabetes.

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