Sleep Deprivation and Health- Any Connection?



Sleep, just the mention of the word itself brings smiles on the faces of all! Who doesn’t love to sleep? But are you aware of the benefits of timely and adequate sleep and the harm that sleep deprivation can cause on your health? Sleep imparts energy, rejuvenates our system to perform our daily tasks with renewed energy and remain active throughout the day. Though the studies on the effect of sleep deprivation on the body’s work mechanism still doesn’t cover all the aspects, but it is a proven fact that the effects can’t be sidelined. Sleep is not just a resting phase, but a phase where one holistically gathers the energy and the zeal lost during the entire day.

Further, sleep deprivation has direct effects on our health and even an hour less sleep can make one agitated and loses the power of concentration. For instance, a small change in the night sleep due to the cries of the newborn can turn the entire working upside down of the baby’s parents. It may sound trivial but sleep deprivation has huge effects.

Sleep deprivation and mental peace

These two terms are so intricately correlated that their importance can be easily felt. If we are deprived of sleep, our brain will not get enough time to reenergize and thus, our daily chores will be greatly hampered. Irritability, inattentiveness, no focus, fatigue, lassitude, tiredness are few conditions that may result from an acute lack of sleep. With deprived sleep on chronic basis, mood disorders, depression, alcohol abuse, anxieties usually occur and they are serious issues. The sleep quantity and quality both should be proper to maintain the right function of the mind and the body.

Sleep deprivation and weight gain

One may feel it quite surprising to know, but sleep has shown direct links with weight issues. Recent studies clearly reveal that people who get adequate sleep tend to crave food less than sleep deprived people. Also under strict diet vigilance, the well slept people show much more reduction in fat content as compared to the lesser sleeping ones.

Sleep deprivation, diabetes and hypertension

With years of studies, it has been concluded that people who sleep less are more likely to develop the lifestyle disorders like diabetes, hypertension and blood pressure in comparison to the adequately sleeping ones.

Sleep deprivation and stress

The terms sleep and stress form a vicious cycle where stress doesn’t let one sleep and its lack in turn adds more to the stress levels. Here, the condition tends to deteriorate to the level that the sleep deprived person may not be even able to undertake their normal activities. The condition turns worse with social inhibition, self brooding and increasingly rising gloominess all around.

Sleep deprivation and substance abuse

Many a times, it is observed that people in order to get some sleep take the help of addictives, such as alcohol or sleeping pills. The stimulants may be useful in the initial stages, but with their continuous use, they can trigger insomnia and other health issues.

Ways to healthy sleep and elimination of sleep deprivation

Sleep can even be termed as a form of bliss and one ensure that they are never sleep deprived. Given below are some tips to get rid of insomnia and rest the night with sound sleep:

  • Breathing exercises: whenever one fails to fall asleep, trying a breathing technique instantly is a wise idea. Breathing practice for 5 to 7 minutes can work wonders and relax the sensory organs. Further their practice within the day time calms the senses and reduces the stress levels. The tactic stimulates the feel good factors and eliminates the risks of sleep deprivation.
  • Include some physical activity
  • No caffeine intake at least 3 to 4 hours before the bedtime as the neural stimulant can leave you awake for long and lead to sleep deprivation.
  • Eat balanced diet
  • Also avoid excess water intake just before the bedtime, as getting up at night can disturb the senses heedlessly.

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