Freedom from Arthritis pain: “Joint effort” of mind and medicines

Freedom from Arthritis pain: “Joint effort” of mind and medicines

Freedom from Arthritis pain: “Joint effort” of mind and medicines

Arthritis limits the mobility, makes even the simplest of chores difficult, is highly painful and can have serious consequences for the person who has become a victim of this condition and her family as well. But, you can prevent Arthritis to a great extent by ensuring the intake of nutritious supplements, weight control techniques and adding yoga and exercises in your daily activity. At the first stab of pain in the joint, immediately visit a doctor, get yourself examined and start the medication, before Arthritis gets a chance to hamper your lifestyle and wellbeing.

Listed below are the warning signals you must always keep a keen eye on:

“Aaah”! The female secretary of a multi national company lifts her palm off her keyboard to crack her aching fingers and suddenly realize that there is a swelling in the joint of her thumb.

“Ouch”! An elderly homemaker prepares the meal holding her lower back and breathing deeply, wishing for the sharp pain to go away!

“Ohhh”! A lean woman climbing up the stairs with loads of bricks and suddenly pauses on the midway and clutches his aching knees.

A student keeps on rubbing her aching wrists and wondering: Why is it paining?

Do you encounter similar pains and aches in your joints, knees and wrists? Then, immediate diagnosis is required as you may have already become a victim of Arthritis or are in the early stages. The generic name for approximately 100 conditions and diseases affecting the joints and its surrounding tissues and the cause of swelling and joint tenderness and moderate to severe pain, Arthritis can shackle anyone irrespective of their age, race or gender!

According to a study, the cases and incidence of Rheumatoid Arthritis is rising rapidly among women. P.V. Jayashankar, president, Tamil Nadu Orthopedic Association agrees that the number of women with the issues of arthritis have elevated, though there is no statistics to actually prove it.

So, who among the women are more prone to getting their medical report stamped with the word “Arthritis” on it? The one, who leads a sedentary lifestyle, lacks physical activity, are obese, have been previously diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis and has hypothyroidism or diabetes. Also, those with a family history or osteoporosis, addicted to smoking and drinking and post-menopausal women are at risk of Arthritis. The side effects of glucocorticoid medications can also result in Arthritis.

Are you ignoring your back and knee pain or a twinge in your joints? People generally apply a pain balm or massage the aching areas with oils to assuage the pain. But, Dr. Jayashankar clearly points out that pain relievers and oil massages will temporarily relieve the pain and the actual treatment must be based on the degree of the inflammation and joint wear and tear.

The difficulty in walking, climbing stairs, bending or sitting will determine the level of treatment. If your condition is found to be in the early stages, you might be prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs along with physiotherapy or steroids and injections (cartilage protective agents). Surgery is suggested in the intermediary stages and in the severest stage; joint replacement or arthroscopic procedures might be recommended.

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