Non breast fed baby hassles and struggles

Non breast fed baby hassles and struggles

Non breast fed baby hassles and struggles

It is a common saying that a baby comes along with its food provision in this world. Breast milk is the natural right of every infant and should be compulsorily given to all newborns. All the child specialists educate the new mother regarding the importance and benefits of breast feeding so that both the mother and the baby enjoy good health. But sometimes the mother does not have enough milk, has to go for work or even if she can breast fed she is hesitant to do so for her own luxury and absurd reasons which is certainly not acceptable. If you are a mother of an infant or would be one in near future then some disadvantages and health conditions occurring in non breast fed baby discussed here can help you to take the right decision for sure.

Illnesses in non breast fed baby

When a mother starts top feeding for the baby, the first thing she is advised is about cleanliness of the utensils and the quality of milk substitute being used. Usually tinned milk powder is preferred by the health practitioners that are supplemented with all the needed nutrients and vitamins necessary for the infant of that age or month. But even after taking lot of precautions like using boiled utensils or feeding bottle, making use of clean boiled water for diluting the milk powder or formula food, there are chances that the baby can get infected. Some of the most common illnesses seen in non breast fed baby are:


This is a very common illness seen in non breast fed baby. Diarrhea is caused due to use of utensils or bottle that is not cleaned or boiled properly. Sometimes the milk prepared is left as it is for some time and afterwards is given to the baby. Infection starts building within the powdered milk causing the stomach to upset. If proper precautions are not taken, it can lead to dehydration as well.

Gastrointestinal infections

Colon and gastrointestinal infections are frequent in non breast fed babies. Due to flatulence and colon problem many times the non breast fed baby cries in pain and never looks happy and healthy like the breast fed baby. A non breast fed infant is always uneasy, at least initially till the top feeding gets adjusted to immature body system.


Many babies feeding on top milk have been found to be obese and are very slow in activity. This is so because nothing can replace the balance of vitamins, fats and nutrients that is present in the breast milk. The milk powder can contain certain carbohydrates and fats in excess which can lead to obesity in babies but sure not in good terms. Your chubby healthy looking baby may be indeed quite unhealthy when compared to a slim, active and breast fed one in vicinity.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

The infants who do not get breast milk are comparatively more prone to fall ill due to various infections. Such babies also are vulnerable to various bacterial and viral infections and are also known to die because of choking or respiratory problem. Less immunity leads to fatal incidences owing to which the number of infant deaths are rising in developed countries where mother refrain from breast feeding. This is termed as SIDS.

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