Maximize your Child Potentials with Right Diet and Nutrition

When it comes to the food diet of the children, mothers have to face huge problems as the children have immense likes and dislikes. Even though tasty foods are eaten rapidly by children and are in huge demand amongst the younger generation, in growing years the need will be to eat more nutritious and enriched food. This is the most difficult part of all which troubles all the mothers of young children round the world. So how do you make the junk food addicted children of today eat home cooked, fresh nutritious diet daily? After all, for overall healthy development good diet is the main key.

Although it takes a bit of patience and creativity, this is possible. Check out some steps here and try implementing them on your children to make then eat right diet and nutrition.

  • Make a glass of milk every morning mandatory drink for your children. Milk contains lot of calcium which is must for their growth and for strengthening their bones and teeth. Make the children understand the importance of milk by giving examples of various images which are usually present in their school book. If the milk is accompanied by few dry nuts, then it becomes all the more enriched.
  • All the children have some dislike towards leafy vegetables and soups. So, instead of using it as a regular vegetable make it a part of exotic cuisines like pastas and pizzas. But make sure that your child eats all the vegetables in it. Make it a condition with him that you will give his favorite dish to him only if he will complete his regular meal. Leafy and other vegetables contain high amount of nutrients and vitamins and minerals in varying amount which are very essential for the body growth of young children.
  • Fruits are liked by almost every child. Although the choice may differ but general fruits like grapes, apple, mango, orange and banana are eaten by almost all children. Apart from these fruits make them eat pomegranate or papaya once in a while as these fruits have lots of therapeutic and health benefits.
  • Use of particular herbs like cinnamon, black pepper, cloves, ginger, tamarind or garlic in the diet is must. These are very good as antiseptic and help in the healing and repairing process of our organs. Children are more prone to fall and injury while learning various physical activities. Regular use of these herbs helps in building the immunity of children against bacterial infections and help in rapid healing of wound or injury.
  • Junk foods although are liked by one and all if eaten regularly can make one fall ill due to abdominal problems. Organs of children in their developmental stage are more prone to get infected easily. Good dietary habits help the children to stay away from such infections and keep them healthy and fit.


Just as we say ’sound mind in sound body’, similarly good diets keep your child’s health sound and help him/her progress in all the fields of education, sports and arts with confidence.

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