Week 21 of pregnancy: Time for First Family Dance!

Week 21 of pregnancy: Time for First Family Dance!

Week 21 of pregnancy: Time for First Family Dance!

You would have never imagined yourself gaining weight for good and craving for more, but it is finally happening to you at this time.

Your Body

Baby bump is there and nothing fits you properly. All you need is a major wardrobe change filled with all maternity loose wear. Feeling safe, plump, hungry, craving desperate with regular baby kicks is all 21st week is for you. Sure at this point of time you can plan out for a small outing, as later pregnancy won’t permit it. Further, if you are allowed sex, then sure go ahead.

But try maintaining positions that do not levy direct pressure on your major vessels and the baby.

Weight gain

Baby is gaining and you are gaining too.

Your baby

Your baby is now 7 inches and about 290 grams. From this week onwards the development of your baby begins to slow down. Simply the rapid growth segment is almost done and the baby too is settling. Heart of your bundle of joy is beating quite strong and from now on every visit you make to your gynecologist will be a peep into the baby, as your doctor will check the heartbeat and will also make you hear them too. Last weeks the baby was making in and out the amniotic fluid, but now the intestines are bit developed and can also absorb some sugar content from it. See nature is making him/her to practice to chow down later in life. Thank god!

Other segments remain more or less the same as of now, same iron supplements, folic acid, calcium assistance.

Apply music therapy

Music binds all souls, so try listening to some good music. This will soothe senses and can also tickle a bone of the baby giving you kicks.

Slow instrumental music is ideal, though you have your own choice. So, go ahead, make time to pamper yourself and have your musical share.

Good sounds, good mood is what you need all around. Sometimes stress may be a part of your life so a music escape away from all would be thoughtful idea of getting all the positive chirpy vibes. Also if comfortable, a bit of dancing moves can be included. You can also have a hand in hand swing with your partner, be prepared for your first family dance.

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